Bone Perfume Roller

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A bone is the last remaining artifact of a body. Purified, calcified, and returned to the land to be rendered alongside dust and broken shells into limestone  and eventually marble. Stripped down to its most primal and essential notes of woods, amber, and musk. This scent is delicate yet enduring. A fragrance enhancer adds depth and radiance to other fragrances when layered with other scents, and works as a natural scent enhancer when worn alone. This scent blooms on the skin.

15ml fragrance oil made with skin loving oils and a hypo-allergenic stainless steel roller. 

Fragrance blended with pure Jojoba + Safflower Oils. Stainless Steel Roller Ball.

Phthalate Free - Paraben Free - Nut Oil Free - Cruelty Free

Apply directly to skin on pulse points and creases. Can be applied to most clothing, but be sure to test a sample area first to avoid staining. For longer wear, make sure skin is well moisturized or apply an unscented lotion prior to applying perfume.

FRAGRANCE CARE We make our fragrances to order so they are as fresh as possible. We use natural Vitamin E oil to preserve the fragrance blend and slow down oxidation. Store fragrances upright, and away from bright direct light. UV rays will degrade fragrance. Best if used within 12-18 months of purchase. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.