Lemon Vanilla Herbal Lotion Bar

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A herbal recipe to tend dry hands. This lemon vanilla herbal lotion bar is great for anyone with sensitive skin or skin allergies. The scent is soft and basic, using lemon essential oils as an astringent to tone the skin.

Pure ingredients: organic safflower oil, organic beeswax, moon valley organic calendula and comfrey, organic vanilla flavoring, organic lemon essential oils and natural vitamin e from sunflowers. That's it.

Uses: hold the lotion bar in your hands. As it warms, breathe in deeply. Melt bar into dry, chapped areas of skin, including cuticles-anywhere that needs soothing and protecting. Keep a tin next to the sink and enjoy this luxurious experience whenever your hands need some extra tending. TSA approved, use on arms, legs, feet, hair, beard, cuticles, face, lips – the purest lotion bar for your entire body. 1.9 oz.