Passport to: Martini Kit

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As the saying goes, there's no depresso when sipping on espresso... martinis. Transport yourself to the charming streets of Italy with authentic aromas captured in every cube - a Vespa ride away from la dolce vita! Exclusive to the Passport collection, this kit introduces two new Mixology Cubes alongside the beloved Cosmo cube, promising a trio of tantalizing flavors. Experience the bold kick of the Espresso Martini and the refreshing zest of the Lemon Drop, each crafted to perfection. With two recipes provided for each cocktail, including mocktail options, explore a diverse range of flavor profiles tailored to your preferences. Designed for a minimum of 2 cubes per cocktail, but feel free to experiment and customize to suit your taste buds! Features: NEW Espresso Martini, NEW Lemon Drop, and Cosmo