Tosca Jewelry + Accessory Display - Steel + Wood

Sale price$40.00

ACCESSORY STAND: Use this accessory tray in your home to keep jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, rings, glasses and other small accessories. Place in the bedroom or bathroom to stay organized.

HOOKS, HANGING BAR, and TRAY: This unique stand has multiple features for hanging items off eight hooks, a wooden dowel to hang items such as watches and earrings, and a tray for additional storage. It assists in saving space on any dresser or bathroom counter.

SPACE SAVER: The accessory rack will keep your dressers and tables organized in your bathroom or bedroom. Its clean design helps prevent your jewelry from tangling and keeps everything easily accessible.

MATERIALS + CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The frame is made from a powder-coated steel. It has a slightly textured surface. Easy to clean with a touch of a light soap and a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.

MATERIAL: Steel, Wood