Tower Earring Stand - Steel

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THREE-TIER EARRING STAND: This stand keeps all of your earrings--from hoops, to hanging, to studs--in one place to keep your rooms neat and tidy.

THREE LEVELS: This simple, beautiful earring stand has three levels to hold earrings of different shapes and sizes. It is a compact size, easy to use, and effortlessly complements any dresser or bathroom sink.

SPACE SAVER: The accessory rack will keep your dressers and tables organized in your bathroom or bedroom. Its clean design helps prevent your jewelry from tangling and keeps everything easily accessible.

MATERIALS + CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The stand is made from a powder-coated steel. The finish is applied three times, making it water repellant and leaves a smooth finish. Easy to clean with a light soap or detergent and a damp cloth. 

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